Why Aventure?

There are so many advantages to joining the Aventure™ Network. By becoming a member, you are instantly connected to many of the top independent real estate brokerages across Canada. Our network continues to grow, and currently has a presence in over 1,200 markets across the country, providing our members with an extended reach and a more competitive market position.

Who Can Be a Member?

At Aventure™, each of our members have been identified as a leading independent broker with a team of outstanding sales professionals. Together, our members share a unique vision and hold a strong position in their local marketplace and community. 


Member Benefits



The Aventure™ Realty Network serves as a powerful referral platform, providing our members with access to connect the leading independent brokerages across Canada. This is a key business building tool for both brokerages and their REALTORS®, as our members are able to collaborate and exchange information about what is happening in their local market. This is an invaluable tool for building knowledge and expanding your network to gain referrals.

Global Relocation Connections

The Aventure™ Realty Network, is committed to connecting our members with the leading independent real estate brokerages around the world. Today’s consumer expects a global approach to market and information access and AVENTURE™ global referral partners provide these gateways. Together they share a strong focus on local expertise and a worldwide vision.

Competitive Positioning

An independent broker has a unique ability to serve their local market with flexibility and innovation. As an Aventure™ member, your brand will be strengthened through nation-wide connections, a stronger recruitment and retention proposition, and access to a variety of qualified service providers and business building tools.

Exclusive Member Services

As an Aventure™ member, you’ll get unlimited access to our vast members-only list of approved service providers, who offer our members a variety of business building tools to choose from. You will also find access to professional development and training materials in this section.


Learn from the best and the brightest at our annual conference, where you will have the opportunity to interact and network with brokerages and speakers from across the country.